Check out CUB’s first small business webinar

  • May 26, 2022
870 450 Tom Content

CUB is partnering with different organizations to provide perspectives and resources for small businesses about the changing world of energy and utilities.

The series debuted last week, and if you missed it you can watch it here and find all the presentations here.

The first webinar, “Business Energy Trends 2022: Challenges & Opportunities for Your Small Business,” featured Scott Coenen of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum; Tom Content of CUB; Jessy Servi Ortiz of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council; and Lisa Geason-Bauer of B Local Wisconsin.

The webinar featured updates on energy trends affecting the business community as well as a variety of useful resources for businesses interested in monitoring, managing and ultimately saving on their energy costs.

Volatile and surging natural gas prices (up 23% from a year ago) along with costs linked to shuttering coal-fired power plants are putting pressure on natural gas and electric bills

More electricity price increases could be in the offing for 2023. We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service and Madison Gas & Electric are all seeking approval for increases in cases recently filed with the Public Service Commission.

Tools to monitor and manage energy costs include:

Resources to save include:

  • energy audits, consultations and incentives provided by the state Focus on Energy program;
  • demand response or energy efficiency incentives offered by utilities; and
  • Pace Wisconsin financing to help businesses that own their own building spread out the upfront cost of upgrades.

A video replay of the webinar is available at CUB Wisconsin’s YouTube page. Presentations from the webinar are available for download on CUB’s Consumer Resources page.

CUB is planning more webinars for small businesses in October during Energy Awareness Month. Subscribe to the CUB newsletter or follow CUB on LinkedIn for updates and more information.