What Donations Support

CUB is the independent voice of Wisconsin residential and small business ratepayers fighting for fair and reasonable utility rates before the PSC, the courts, and the legislature. Historically, CUB saves $1,000 for every $1 contributed.

Utilities and big businesses have deep pockets that allow them to lobby the PSC and Legislature, and the utilities even pass their lobbying costs on to you. But homeowners, renters and main street businesses don’t have that luxury. That’s where CUB comes in. Every time a utility proposed to raise your prices or change the services you receive, we make sure you voice is heard.

Donations support:

  • Monitoring the over 12,000 documents filed each month with the Public Service Commission for developments that affect your utility service
  • Consumer-centered analysis of proposals brought before the Public Service Commission by CUB’s in-house utility analysts and staff attorneys.
  • Testifying before the public service commission on behalf of consumers.
  • Lobbying Wisconsin policymakers in favor of laws that enhance utility consumer protections.

Because of members support:

  • CUB helped negotiate a settlement agreement with Alliant energy that holds rates flat for two years, avoiding an increase to residential rates.
  • CUB helped win a $7 million decrease in Wisconsin Public Service’s rates in comparison to the $97 million increase WPS sought, a swing of $104 million to the benefit of customers.
  • CUB saved Madison Gas and Electric customers $10 million in MGE’s recent rate request. A key victory for customers: Reducing MGE’s profit level below 10%, the first time that had happened in Wisconsin in more than 40 years.
  • CUB continues to monitor We Energies’ costly Rothschild biomass power plant and urge the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to investigate these high costs as soon as possible.

The generous support of our residential and small business members helps CUB stay independent and put money back in the pockets of hard working Wisconsinites. Please join CUB today and help fight for fairness for utility customers and to save money on your utility bills.

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