CUB Fall Newsletter: Turning 40, negotiating for customer wins, holding the line on fixed fees

  • December 19, 2019
Tom Content

We’ve got some important updates to share in our fall newsletter and holiday card, which has just been published. Check it out here.

You’ll find updates on our 40th Anniversary Celebration in Madison, as we celebrated nearly 40 years to the day from when Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus signed into law the bill creating the nation’s first Citizens Utility Board.

And you’ll find an overview of some big wins – and a big miss by the PSC – in the rate cases involving We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

Among the wins: cutting back on the tab customers will have to bear for the power plant We Energies shut down in Pleasant Prairie last year.

The big miss: The PSC whiffed in its decision to allow Wisconsin Public Service to bill customers for all of the cost overruns it incurred on a pollution control project near Wausau.

And we’ve got a special article that shows how CUB has worked via rate settlements to hold the line on rising fixed customer charges.

Our concerns about high fixed charges are many: They discourage energy efficiency, penalize customers who live in small dwellings and low-income folks who don’t use much energy. And they shift the risk from utilities that already have profits above the national average onto the shoulders of utility customers.

The good news is that after a series of big jumps four years ago and even two years ago, CUB has held the line on further increases in fixed fees.

Be sure to check out our fall newsletter and holiday card here.