More than $$$ savings: CUB issues first impact report

  • June 19, 2023
870 450 Tom Content

On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and our members I’m happy to share CUB’s first stakeholder engagement and impact report. It shows the different ways our actions benefit Wisconsin citizens and small businesses. Download the report here.

Wisconsin’s utilities are powerful … flush with vast financial resources, well connected politically, and blessed with captive customers continually overflowing their coffers.

CUB counters the utilities’ quest for higher and higher rates, ensures effective service, and educates consumers about energy costs and how they can have a voice in Wisconsin’s energy future.

For the last 43 years CUB has successfully defended customers against the utilities in rate cases before the PSC, including $3.8 billion in savings since 2006. We stand up for policies that promote fair treatment of utility customers, whether they are living on fixed incomes or generating their own power from solar panels.

CUB’s impact report illustrates the reach of our advocacy. That includes, of course, dollars and cents: Our regulatory efforts saved customers nearly $40 million in 2022, and more than $500 million over the past five years.

CUB’s impact extends beyond the bottom line. Our team of experts is working for more than savings. We’re working for cost-effective policies that provide fair outcomes for residential and small business customers as well as programs for those struggling the most with their utility bills.

  • Our outreach and education efforts now include the CUB Tracks podcast and webinars.
  • CUB is actively involved in policy collaboration in state, regional and national forums.
  • Our talented staff experts are called upon to provide training in Wisconsin and around the country.
  • We’ve launched mentoring programs, including one involving the UW Law School, to inspire a new generation of consumer advocates to stand up for fairness, affordability, and a customer-centric energy future for years to come.

Though we have evolved, CUB’s will always battle the utilities for fair rates and practices on behalf of customers, educate Wisconsinites on ways to reduce their energy bills, and encourage participation in decisions affecting our energy future.

I invite you to check out CUB’s impact report for yourself. And, please be sure to help us out with a donation today. Thank you.