Annual Report Highlights 2019 Savings and Work to Modernize CUB Funding Model

  • August 6, 2020
CUB Annual Report 2019
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CUB’s work on rate case settlements, our 40th Anniversary celebration, resources for customers impacted by COVID-19, and efforts to secure a more stable funding model are highlighted in our 2019 Annual Report , just published on

CUB secured $159 million in savings in three utility rate cases last year for customers. That brings the total savings since 2006 to $3.5 billion.

The Annual Report also focuses on the challenges that Wisconsinites are facing this year with COVID-19 and the economy.

The back page of the report highlights key contact numbers for Wisconsin utilities and resources for customers hard-hit by the recession this year.

As I mentioned in my note to members:

We need to be vocal, to all who will listen, that this is the time to ease the path toward economic recovery for low-income residents and struggling small businesses trying to make ends meet.

We need to be vigilant in making sure that monopoly utilities and utility regulators recognize the tough spot that utility customers are in this year — and may be in for a while.

The Annual Report also highlights CUB’s 40th Anniversary events celebrating the formation of the nation’s first Citizens Utility Board in 1979.

In addition, the report focuses on our work toward a Funding Modernization Plan that would give CUB additional resources to advocate for customers as it negotiates rate settlements with utilities in the years ahead. This plan is included in the PSC Omnibus Bill, AB 712, which is pending in the state Senate after passing unanimously in two legislative committees and in the state Assembly. 

CUB needs more in-house experts on staff to advocate effectively for customers in an era of negotiation, rather than litigation, in rate cases. This new funding model, described in the Annual Report, costs less than two cents a month for a typical residential or small business customer of an electric utility.

CUB’s Annual Report also profiles nominees for the CUB Board of Directors and discusses our outreach and work with small businesses. As COVID-19 has canceled in-person outreach events for the time being, CUB is interested in hearing from businesses and community groups who are looking for guest speakers for virtual (Zoom) meetings. Reach out to Tom Content at

Tom Content, Executive Director