Roadshow Setup


  • Outermost pocket
    • Keychain with two keys
      • Barrel key – Kiosk fram
      • Standard key – Wooden donation box
    • iPad 110V USB Charger
    • Black mesh bag
      • Anker Powerbank
      • USB A to Micro USB cable
    • Blue Tack/Poster Putty
    • Microfiber screen/lens cloth
    • Pens
  • iPad
  • Dell PowerBank
  • Dell PowerBank Laptop adapter cable
  • Box of Business Cards
  • Business card stands (x2)
  • Envelope of waiver forms

DipJar Case

  • DipJar
  • 110V Power Adapter
  • USB to Dipjar power cable
  • PowerBank
  • Test Card
  • Magnetic Sign Holder
  • Two Signs
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Rolling Suitcase:

  • Wooden Donation Box
    • Donation evelopes
    • Pens
  • Large Print Materials and display signs
  • Power Strip
  • Glass dish
  • Candy

Tablet Kiosk Setup:

  1. Unlock display frame faceplate with barrel key from backpack with 1/4 turn
  2. Remove the faceplate, gently pulling up on the side with the lock, pivoting it away and disengaging the tabs on the button/cable side. Make note of how parts go together as reassembly will be the reverse.
  3. Plug in iPad and carefully press iPad between the 8 rubber fingers, making certain that the cable is not placing strain on the iPad lightning port.
  4. Replace faceplate, being careful to slightly bend the cable in as necessary to allow enough clearance for the faceplate tabs to engage with the rest of the frame. It should fall into place with little to no resistance if everything is placed properly.
  5. Lock the frame. Note that the lock will spin continuously but there is only one position where it is locked. It is the position where the tab on the key is pointed out towards the nearest edge of the frame.
  6. Check that the frame is locked.
  7. Unwrap the USB cord from around the base of the stand.
  8. Plug in to either a 110V outlet using the 110V iPad power adapter from the backpack or the Anker USB Powerbank from the Backpack.
  9. If 110V adapter is used make sure the cable is not a trip hazard. If PowerBank is used it can be attached behind the brochure holder using the pre-positioned dual-lock strips. To remove, lift on the side away from the dual lock strips and the two pieces will snap apart. Do not try to pull straight away. If the PowerBank is used excess cable can be wound around the arm connecting the brochure stand to the main post.
  10. Press home (white button) on iPad. Password for the iPad is 640124
  11. Open the MC Subscribe app
  12. Click “Show” on the “CUB eNewsletter Form.”
  13. The screen should now appear something like below, depending on orientation. iPad can rotated to either landscape or portrait orientation.
  14. Triple click the white home button. A small dialog box should appear briefly in the center of the screen indicating that Guided Access has been started. If it asks you to set a password enter 640124. Guided Access prevents users from being able to leave the Mailchimp form app.
    1. To close the Mailchimp form, tap the padlock tab in the top left corner. Password 6401
    2. To exit Guided Access triple click the home button and enter the password 640124. Tap End or Resume as appropriate.
  15. Performs steps in opposite order to break down/put away.

DipJar Setup:

  1. Remove DipJar From case
  2. Dipjar can be powered from either a 110V outlet, or from the supplied USB Powerbank using the usb to Dipjar Plug adapter cable.
    1. 110V power adapter: First plug the adapter into the bottom of the DipJar and route the wire as shown below. Then plug into 110V outlet. Make certain the cord is not a trip hazard.
    2. USB Power Bank: Plug the USB to DipJar adapter cable into the bottom of the DipJar. The wire will not fit in the wire guides in the bottom of the DipJar. Carefully tuck the wire so that it exits under the standing DipJar between the back two rubber feet. Next plug the adapter cable into the USB Powerbank. If it does not power on immediately, click the button on the side of the powerbank.
  3. Once powered, the indicator lights will progress around the top of the DipJar until it achieves a wireless connection. Once it is ready only the donation dollar amount will appear.
  4. Test the DipJar with the test card. Proper motion is to insert smoothly, but not slowly, all the way in and then immediately out at the same speed, without a pause at the bottom.
  5. Place one of the signs into the magnetic sign holder and affix to the back of the DipJar. Adjust as necessary.