Partner Organizations

CUB is committed to collaboration and dialogue to help Wisconsin policymakers achieve policies that are supportive of utility rates and policies that are affordable and fair.
Here is a sampling of the collaboration work we’re involved in:
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Founded in 1982, the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute advances understanding and discussion of relevant utility industry topics and emerging trends in the electric, natural gas, and water industries. WPUI provides information and education programs in addition to other services that aid in the examination and development of appropriate public policies for those industries. Its programs and services communicate the diversity of views that exist on current policy issues, particularly the leading-edge issues that will affect the future of those industries and the customers they serve. WPUI is a member-supported and member-driven organization that relies solely on membership fees and program registration fees to fund its work. The activities of WPUI follow the Wisconsin Idea of applying the resources of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to meet the need for information outside of the University’s boundaries.

CUB is a member and serves on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute.

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The Customers First! Coalition is an alliance of customer, business, labor, and environmental organizations; municipal and cooperative electric utilities; and an investor-owned utility. The Coalition works together to promote public policies that preserve Wisconsin’s affordable and reliable electricity.

CUB is a member and serves on the board of directors of the Customers First! Coalition

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NASUCA is the essential voice of utility consumers, representing and supporting utility consumer advocates in their efforts to achieve safe, reliable and reasonably priced utility services. It is an association of 58 consumer advocate offices in 43 states and the District of Columbia Barbados, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. NASUCA members represent the interests of utility consumers before state and federal regulators and in the courts.

CUB is an associate member of NASUCA. Through NASUCA, CUB participates in the Critical Consumer Issues Forum, an initiative that fosters dialogue and collaboration among energy companies, consumer advocates and state commissioners about energy issues that affect consumers.

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CUB is proud to be a member of Community Shares of Wisconsin, a member-directed federation that raises money to support its 60+ member agencies that work for social, economic, and environmental justice at the local, state, and national levels. Member agencies like CUB receive 100% of your gift when it comes through Community Shares.