Corey Singletary


Corey Singletary

Like many a child, Corey dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

When it came time to go to college, he decided to get real and decided he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.

Then, while finishing his dual degrees in biology and international studies at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, he discovered public policy and decided he wanted to work as a foreign policy advisor in the United States Senate. (Is there a pattern emerging? Perhaps…)

Then, while pursuing a master’s degree in international public affairs and a graduate certificate in energy analysis and policy at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (phew), he stumbled upon the utility industry. Science? Check. Public policy? Check. Wonky esoteric stuff most people don’t know about but is supremely important? Double check! Toto, we’re home.

From May 2010 through June 2017, Corey worked for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin as an energy policy advisor and utility rate analyst. During his time with the Commission, his work focused on electric and natural gas utility rate design and cost-of-service, as well as a number of policy issues such as smart grid technology, innovative rate design, rate-based energy efficiency, conservation, demand response programs, and distributed energy resources. In July of 2017 Corey joined the CUB team, where he serves as our in-house Utility Analyst. Corey also moonlights as CUB’s jack-of-all trades IT guy, developer, event coordinator, and Shiba Inu wrangler.