John Hendrick

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CUB Board Member since 2013

Why am I excited to be a part of CUB?

Homeowners, renters and small businesses deserve fairness when it comes to the price they pay and the service they get from their utilities. CUB advocates for the community’s interest in equity in rate-setting and sustainability of the state’s energy supply.

Why is CUB important to the state?

What’s essential about CUB is that it ensures that consumers have someone looking out for their interests where it matters, at the same place that lobbyists from big utilities and big corporations are actively looking out for those interests. Not everyone is familiar with the important work that CUB does, in part because the work is often technical and somewhat behind-the-scenes. But an essential test of any system of regulated-monopoly utility companies is that the regulators of those monopolies balance the interests of all stakeholders. And without CUB serving that role for the past 40 years, the Wisconsin system would have failed that test.