Joel Dresang

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In 2017, Joel was elected as a volunteer member of the CUB board of directors. Here is how Joel responded when asked about his commitment to CUB.

Why are you excited to be a part of CUB and serving as a CUB board member?

One of the most gratifying beats I covered as a news reporter was consumer affairs. I reveled in telling stories of unassuming citizens standing up to unfair actions by big companies or government bureaucracies. Through CUB, I get to be part of that sort of consumer advocacy.

What is the value of CUB to you, your business, your community?

With so much of my life as a consumer feeling out of my control, being a member of CUB is one way for me to gain knowledge and get active not only for the sake of me and my family but for other citizens – homeowners, renters, farmers, small business owners, entrepreneurs – affected by big utility companies.

From a big picture perspective, why is CUB important to the state of Wisconsin?

In most states, one or more government agency represents the interests of homeowners, renters and small businesses against powerful monopoly utilities. In Wisconsin, we rely on CUB, a citizen-based nonprofit. If we ratepayers don’t require our government to fight for us for reliable, affordable utility services, then we need to support the one organization that exists solely for that purpose.