Eileen Hannigan

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In 2013, Eileen was elected as a volunteer member of the CUB board of directors. Here is how Eileen responded when asked about her commitment to CUB.

Why are you excited to be a part of CUB and serving as a CUB board member?

Our electricity, natural gas, and water services are vital to the comfort, health, and safety of all of us. But, when crucial decisions are made that affect the affordability and reliability of those services, only a few have a seat at the table.  I am excited to volunteer for an organization that gives voice to the interests of residential and small business utility customers in Wisconsin.

What is the value of CUB to you, your business, your community?

I am a low energy user. CUB’s efforts to curb increases to fixed rate charges has saved money for me and for anyone who tries to control their electricity bills by controlling their electricity use.

From a big picture perspective, why is CUB important to the state of Wisconsin?

Small businesses account for about half of total private employment in WI. In some counties small businesses account for upwards of 77 percent of private employment. Small businesses are vital to the health of Wisconsin’s economy. CUB is here to ensure that small businesses and residential customers are treated fairly when it comes to rates on essential utility services.

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