Carol Stemrich

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In 2017, Carol was elected as a volunteer member of the CUB board of directors. Here is how Carol responded when asked about her commitment to CUB.

Why are you excited to be a part of CUB and serving as a CUB board member?

As a former Assistant Administrator at the Public Service Commission, I am excited to be serving as a CUB board member because it provides me an opportunity to continue to be involved in energy issues that are important to the state of Wisconsin.  At the Public Service Commission I was involved in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric and natural gas rate issues.  I hope to have use my knowledge in these areas to assist CUB in providing the information the Public Service Commission needs to adequately consider the impacts of utility proposals on small electric customers.

What is the value of CUB to you, your business, your community?

CUB provides value to the community and the state as a whole by providing a unique perspective when appearing before the Commission and other policy makers.

From a big picture perspective, why is CUB important to the state of Wisconsin?

CUB is important to the state of Wisconsin because it is the only organization that advocates for residential and small business ratepayers before the Public Service Commission.  There are several organizations that advocate for all, or a subset of large energy customers.  There are also organizations that advocate specifically for the environment and for renewable energy resources.  However, CUB is the only organization that consider a broad range of issues, including rates, the environment and energy efficiency and renewable energy, that impact all residents of the state, but with a specific emphasis and the smaller ratepayer.  However, CUB is willing to work with other organizations when there is a shared view or position.