Bob Norcross

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Bob Norcross

In 2016, Bob was elected as a volunteer member of the CUB board of directors. Here is how Bob responded when asked about his commitment to CUB.

Why are you excited to be a part of CUB and serving as a CUB board member?

I am excited to serve on the board to continue to play a role in shaping energy issues that are so important to individuals and businesses in Wisconsin

What is the value of CUB to you, your business, your community?

The value of the Citizens Utility Board to me is to be aware of and to have a say on how complicated energy issues are best understood, analyzed, and decided.

From a big picture perspective, why is CUB important to the state of Wisconsin?

The Citizens Utility Board is important to the state because as a representative of small customers it, by far, represents the most customers across the state. It’s needed to balance the competing interests of large customers and utilities and their shareholders.