Meet Our Team

Our team stands ready to support the citizens of Wisconsin.

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Tom Content

Executive Director

I’m leading Wisconsin’s independent consumer group that gives a voice to small business and residential electric, natural gas and water utility customers across the state.

(608) 251-3322 ext. 12

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Corey Singletary

Utility Analyst

Experienced Utilities Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry. Strong professional skilled in Administrative Policy, Nonprofit Organizations, Policy Analysis, Data Analysis, Program Evaluation, and Energy Policy.

(608) 251-3322 ext. 15

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Rich Storck

Communications & Outreach

Mr. Storck maintains CUB’s membership lists and its website, manages the books, is responsible for all operational support functions for the organization, and assists directly as necessary in CUB interventions before the PSC.

(608) 251-3322 ext. 10